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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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News and Press: Read about the latest Annenberg Learner resource releases, partnerships, professional development workshops, events, and more.
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New Releases

students learning Arabic
Teaching Arabic

We are proud to announce the creation of the Teaching Arabic collection for Teaching Foreign Languages Library, K-12, in partnership with Qatar Foundation International. 2016.

students working
Reading & Writing in the Disciplines

This course provides teachers and literacy coaches with an overview of disciplinary literacy, essential concepts related to proficient reading and writing, and general instructional practices that support literacy development indicated by the Common Core and NGSS. WGBH, 2015.

Kids in Mexico
Essential Lens: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curriculum

New to Essential Lens: View the "Forced Displacement and Human Rights" photo collection and curriculum materials. 2017.

Music Students
Power of Music: P-5 Teaching Inspired by El Sistema

This multimedia PD course helps P-5 music educators integrate into their practice effective teaching strategies used in El Sistema-inspired programs in the U.S. and abroad. WNET Thirteen. 2014.

Professional Development Workshops and Events

Students at Computer
Games for Change Student Challenge in Los Angeles

During 2017-18 LAUSD students will create digital games to address issues impacting their communities. Teacher applications due June 1st!

Learner DVDs
National Science Teachers Association Conference 2017

Stop by booth 1958 to learn about the latest Annenberg Learner series, free online for teachers, an exciting new partnership, and a major discount on all of our DVD titles. March 30-April 2, Los Angeles.

2017 DVD Sale!

We are happy to announce a special offer for you in 2017: The cost of our entire collection of Learner series on DVD will be 40% off. Price reductions are shown in the series shopping cart on Learner.org. Some restrictions apply. Write order@learner.org for info.

Newseum Ed
Free REFUGEE Teacher Workshop at Newseum

On January 28, 2017, Annenberg Learner and NewseumEd offer a free open-enrollment PD opportunity for teachers, librarians and media resource specialists on teaching controversial topics and about the refugee crisis in particular.

Partnerships and Programs

StoryCorps logo
StoryCorps: The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016

Annenberg Learner was proud to sponsor for a second year StoryCorps' The Great Thanksgiving Listen in 2016. More than 100,000 individuals from all 50 states took part in our national education project that empowers high school students to record conversations with a grandparent or another elder over a single holiday weekend.

CRN logo
Civics Renewal Network

The Civics Renewal Network is a consortium of nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations, including Annenberg Learner, committed to strengthening civic life in the U.S. by increasing the quality of civics education in our nation's schools and by improving accessibility to high-quality, no-cost learning materials.


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