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Learning Science Through Inquiry

A video workshop for K-8 teachers; 8 one-hour video programs, workshop guide, and Web site; graduate credit available

Inquiry-based teaching, central to the National Science Education Standards and the Benchmarks for Science Literacy, should not be an isolated occurrence, but a comprehensive and ongoing approach. However, many teachers hesitate to teach science through inquiry because they did not learn this way themselves, when they were students or during their preparation to become teachers. This workshop shows inquiry teaching and learning in action, with real teachers and students in real classrooms. Whether you have already experimented with inquiry teaching and want to enhance your practice, or are new to the approach and want to know how to make it work, this workshop will help you understand the process and how it benefits students, and give you strategies to use in your classroom.

Produced by Thirteen/WNET New York in collaboration with the Education Development Center (EDC). 2000.

Closed Caption     ISBN: 1-57680-392-9

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